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Peck Lab Graduate Students Receive US Association of Cider Makers Research Grants

Under the direction of their major advisor, Dr. Greg Peck, Horticulture graduate students Adam Karl and Nathan Wojtyna were each awarded grants from the US Association of Cider Makers for their research project. Karl’s project is titled, “Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization on Orchard Productivity, Fruit Quality, Cider Tannin Concentrations, and Fermentation Kinetics”, and Wojtyna’s project is titled, “Phenotyping the USDA-PGRU Malus Germplasm Collection for Novel Apples to Use in Hard Cider Production”. You can learn more about this and other Cornell hard cider research projects by visiting the Research page on this website.

The WSU Hard Cider Research Program

Dr. Carol Miles shares her experiences with the WSU cider research program during the Horticulture Seminar Series. Watch a recording of this seminar on YouTube.

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