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Cider Science

The goal of the Cider Science resource is to address frequently asked questions about hard cider in succinct few minute videos to various audiences.

General Public:

  • What is a cider apple? How is it different from a normal apple?


  • What are the different types of cider apples? How do I taste the difference? 
  • Where has hard cider been in the past 30 years? (Coming soon)

Beginning cider makers:

  • What are polyphenols, and how do they impact my cider? (Coming soon)
  • What is the difference between tannins and polyphenols? (Coming soon)
  • An easy way to taste learn what tannins taste like. (Coming soon)
  • Are smaller or larger apples better for cider? (Coming soon)

Advanced Cider Makers

  • Upon request

We want to hear from cider makers and consumers alike. If you have a question about hard cider send an email to: and we will try to make a short video to answer your question!


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